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Sumac Flower - Pardis Motiee - 11-10-2021

I have found a word (تبری) which is defined as sumac (سماق), and it is for the folio95r1. At first, I was thinking the drawing is more like a barberry.  What do you think about it being a Sumac flower? To what I see, in voynich portal it is suggested that the other plant in You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. can be a Poison sumac. So, if what I'm saying is correct, can we have two sumac plants? Or the writings are in the wrong place?

RE: Sumac Flower - Davidsch - 11-10-2021

According to wikipedia there are many different species and Sumac is a genus, that is a higher category in the classification. So, there might be more species within that genus.

You can go everywhere, in writing from there, like rhus, ρουσ or whatever the spelling you use, in Arabic I see it is transcribed as Al-Sumac  السُّمَّاقُ , as you wrote, or Al-tolb/ Al-tallab. التَّألَب

RE: Sumac Flower - Pardis Motiee - 12-10-2021

Thank you. It is saying there are more than 250 species. Before the time of Linnaeus, were they counted Sumac plants?

RE: Sumac Flower - Davidsch - 13-10-2021

That is a good question, the answer is given that before Linnaeus there was no generally accepted classification. Therefore in books several different types of classification were examined and especially some populair classifications came from the taxonomy from the well-known "Aristotelian view" and after that, around the middle of the Middle Ages, the "Spheres of Heaven" played an additional role. (chapter III, the Development of Universal Language, Zealous with Language and Ciphers). To be short, any type of classification could be found, but mostly the written books use one of these approaches: a) what-can-we-do-with-the plant or b) what-is-the-academic-or-religious-place-of the plant-as-concept.