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VMS decryption scenarios - Wladimir D - 26-01-2016

Check out our algorithm of formation of words in the manuscript. Adjacent words in algorithm differ by one character. It is only the foundation. The algorithm can enable are still many words. With the exception of a compound words that carries the phrase (поя8auU = choldaiin) and compound words (direct enumeration elements, as in some Indian languages o2a2a& = oraram). The first and third sheet of the algorithm can be seen You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.. Temporarily do not look at translation.
It turns out that the language of the manuscript is a program.
Based on this simple alphabetic script, as the scenario language cannot be regarded. I see four possible scenarios.
1. (20%) Programmed words having an meaning.
2. (25%) Programmable words make no sense.
3. (50%) The combination of paragraphs 1 (language A) and  2 (language B).
4. (5%)   Musical works.

RE: VMS decryption scenarios - Wladimir D - 27-01-2016

The way in which I went.
Imagine that the front of you are 129-1 = 128 sheets of "Herbarium" with the text. Ask yourself a question. What word should be on every page "section of grass?"
Answer. Each page should be the word "plant" (or instead "plant" the verb "grow" if applicable "impersonal sentence" (no subject) for known plants).
I found it manually for 10 hours. Later I rechecked using You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
8аiiU  (daiin)          121 on sheets   (94.5%)                         864  the total number in the text
поя  (chol)               85                    (66%)                         397
по2                          75                   (59%)                         220
о2                            62                                                    366
оя                            50                                                    538
iU                         55                                                    211
аiiU                          48                                                    470
по89                        35                                                      94
пi89                         30                                                     501
по                            21                                                      60
iiiU                         8                                                      17
8аiiU – plant!!! Why this word does not exist in the 7 pages?
 F33r and 48v have a word 8aiU (young plant). On 17r and 26v have a word 8aiiiU - old plants (in the first line 26v third word I read 8aiiiU !). In 24v and 90v2 there are cognate words o8aiiiU and п'o8aiiU.
On page 27v probably applicable "impersonal sentence."

RE: VMS decryption scenarios - VViews - 27-01-2016

Hi Wladimir,

I'm not qualified to comment on your method, but just wanted to say thanks for linking to the wonderful Voynichese website. For some reason I had never come across it before.
What a treat!

RE: VMS decryption scenarios - Anton - 27-01-2016

Hi Wladimir,

It is not impossible that daiin stands for some botanical term indeed (such as plant, herb, leaf, root and so on). Why do you interpret dain as "young plant" and daiiin as "old plant"?

RE: VMS decryption scenarios - Wladimir D - 28-01-2016

Anton. Of course, I'm just assume! I want to warn everyone that in my reasoning many of associative images, just as a interpret rock carvings or runes. Be guided on the translation table values of the characters on my page.
Everything develops in a spiral from the simple to the complex. Like a child's brain (the learning process), the programming language should go translational (becoming more complex).
Consider the words of the second algorithm, highlighted in blue. "U" = n - substance , environment, (chemical) element. oU (o) is the upper substance (air). aU - lower substance (soil).
What is "8". Where this symbol is found in nature? Open a school textbook of botany at the "cell division". That we see in the penultimate stage of cell division? 8aU - the emergence of life in soil (germination,a propagule).
 The next stage of development of a young plant 8aiU. Then - the adult plant 8aiiU. Then - the old plant 8aiiiU.
What is the next stage in the development of biomass, if of her symbolizes "iiii"? It is death and decay. See 77r word oiiiiU. I interpret him as a decomposition the water "o" and organics "U".
Such transformation can be traced, and the symbol "c" = e in the first algorithm.

RE: VMS decryption scenarios - Wladimir D - 29-01-2016

I think the following words are synonymous, but at different stages of plant development. aiU, aiiU, aiiiU /  пaiU, пaiiU, пaiiiU / *H*aiU, *H*iiU, *H*aiiiU / H*aiiU, H*aiiiU, H*aiiiU / o8aU, o8aiU, o8aiiU, o8aiiiU.

RE: VMS decryption scenarios - Wladimir D - 29-01-2016

[attachment=33]For those who are accustomed to "EVA", published below, the characters in the text of comments. This mix Cyrillic and Latin alphabets best coincides with the appearance of the symbols of the manuscript. In Russia, such a designation is familiar.


RE: VMS decryption scenarios - Wladimir D - 29-01-2016

According to the ranking table, the word "поя" and "по2" should mean words root and leaves, because, and right now in medications are considered to the most popular ingredients leaves and roots, followed by flowers. Only remained to decide which is which? I made selection of  pages, where appeared the word "поя" and "по2" with the addition of high character *H*, H*, *P*. In my opinion, "the gallows" should characterize are any features of the roots and leaves (size, length, thickness, shape...).
I give preference to the word "по2" - is the root. Been found a hint on the page You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. in the third recipe. There is a signature drawing of root - "по2".
An analysis of the figures, I decided at the same time as the words with the root and leaf, as well as with the values of the symbols *H*, H*, *P* (respectively - small, large, splayed)
PS.  Formally, the figure on page You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. does not correspond to the word (п*P*) o2 - splayed root. However, at of the neck of the root are clearly visible traces of the remove of other offspring of the root. Similar circumcision have of the roots in Figure 23r, 14v, 11v, 52r.

RE: VMS decryption scenarios - Wladimir D - 31-01-2016

According to the structure of the plant between the leaves and root the stem are. Began to look up words similar to in writing to "по2", "поя". I stopped at "по&". But it is necessary to prove it!
During the search in the text, there were spellings "sheet", "root", "stem?" through "a" - respectively  "пая", "па2", "па&". The question arises, what would it be?
 Let us turn to Figure f47r. Here the program distinguishes two words - "пa8 aiiU". Moreover the word "пa8" occurs only once in the text. I read this word together "пa8aiiU." And the word "пo8aiiU" (44 times in the text), but written by "a". Why?
How to classify the plant to 47r? It is alga. This only plant in the figures, growing underwater. That is, "a" indicates a "lower"!
On the same page 47r there was a word (once found in the text) (п*H*)a& = ctham "small (short) the lower stem", which corresponds to the figure! And my assumption on the "stem" and the symbol "a" - proved!

RE: VMS decryption scenarios - Wladimir D - 01-02-2016

I made a selection of single-root words "plants". It is пo8aiiU, п8aiiU, пa8iiU, o8iiU, oпo8aiiU, 8aiiU, 8aiU. This list of words reminded me of the old student game "in the words." The game is played in a column. Is spelled any word. The opponent has to write below the initial word of by replacing the, by removing, by adding the right, left, in the middle of one letter that the sequence was read what or new word (see figure). That is, necessary to find the word "beginning of the game".  I to build a chain 8aiU - 8aiiU - п8aiiU - o8aiiU and then branching to пo8aiiU - oпo8aiiU and пa8aiiU.
 Word п8auU page 34v I translated as a floating. This plant has leaves - floats. But it turned out not so simple. Same is the word I found in three onshore plants in the pages 94v, 95r1, 95r2. Moreover, they are drawn by on a single sheet of cross-linked, as if they constitute a "special" group. It was necessary to find the common features of plant for this spelling. And they were found.
 In terrestrial plants this unstable or thin stem which leads to that that the plant is spreading over the surface, or is growing strongly at the expense lateral root offshoots (like wheat grass). Both cases share one a term - ground cover plants. A to find a common feature of a floating plant is already easy. In both cases (floating and land) plant spread, sprawling (covers an area) on the surface. This feature and is characterized by in word п8aiiU symbol "п" =  ch - surface.