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On behalf of everyone at the Voynich.Ninja website we'd like to encourage you to browse this new wiki.

The seed information contained within this wiki is the Interlinear Description as published on Prof. Stolfi's website. It was originally written by a group of enthusiasts during the 1990's. Please feel free to update as we go along.

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All folio pages can have resources, links to third party websites that discuss the folio in question. Please add resources as you see fit.

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When you modify the content, a new copy is saved and the original text remains untouched in the database. This allows a moderator to "roll back" the content if something unpleasent has happened to it.
If you just want to play around and see how the system works, use the try me page. Don't commit test data to real pages.

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Information committed to the wiki should be factual.

This means that the main text should be non-controversial. Information about identifications, theories or observations should be limited to a brief summary and a link to the exterior website. (When there is no exterior website, the summary may be extended). See f25v for an example.
I'm still writing the protocols for posting, so please be cautious and do not include any information that is not factual. This wiki is to be impartial, authoritative and inclusive.
If you just write a load of stuff about your own pet theory, it is most likely going to get deleted, which just wastes everyone's time! :D

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