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This little project attempts to search:
The entire Voynich mailing list from Jim Reed's very first "testing!" message waaaaay back in Dec' 91 to Sept 2005. These are all the publically available archives. If anyone has an email account with these emails in, we could always extract them and add them here.... contact me? ;)
Back issues of the Journal of Voynich Studies, a defunct attempt to present a scholarly peer reviewed journal.

By entering in your search query in the box above you will see any references to your query in all of these sources across the decades! An invaluable tool for the serious researcher.

Please note testing continues. Formatting on many of the older emails will be wonky - contact davidjackson through the Voynich.Ninja forums if you notice anything serious or have any feedback that will be useful. These are emails that are 20 years old in some cases, I'm having to use logic and guess-work to sort them out properly. Things aren't lost, but some long conversations may not correctly present all the messages that were originally in them.

This site is not affiliate with any of the sources referenced and is using information that is in the public domain. All copyright remains with the respective owner, if any.

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